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Marijuana relieves all kinds of Muscle spasm

Muscle spasm is a condition that is usually brought on by injury to the limbs. When there is damage to the hands or legs, it can lead to pain and the pain brings about protective muscle spasm. There is a lot of medical literature talking about the muscle spasm- pain- muscle spasm link. This is a vicious circle that leads to further damage to the injured area. It is important to relieve the muscle spasm to relieve pain and to rehabilitate the injured area.

Different strains of marijuana help in getting rid of spasticity

marijuana example Wonder WomanThere are various strains of marijuana that are available and all these strains help in the reduction of muscle spasm. They all aim at the release of spasm reducing compounds into the blood stream. The most beneficial strains of marijuana are those that have CBD in them. THC provides a high to patients and so this compound needs to be lesser in the strain of marijuana plant. CBD on the other hand plays the major role in reducing spasticity and it needs to be present in higher amounts.

Kinds of spasm relieved by marijuana:

1. Muscle spasm: The common muscle spasm felt by most people after an injury is caused by the peripheral tissues constricting. There is a flushing of the area around the injury and there is protective spasm in the area. This can lead to the pain- spasm cycle mentioned already. Use of medical marijuana spray or pills will help in reducing the inflammatory effect. It will also help in reducing spasm and relieving pain. Normal movement will be possible within a few minutes and the healing process will be enhanced.

2. Spasticity: The spasticity is of neurological origin. It is because of a central nervous system problem. When a person us affected by spasticity, it can cause severe pain and also loss of movement. It can lead to contractures in the muscles that could be relieved only be surgery. So, to prevent all these complications, spasticity can be easily treated with the help of medical marijuana. The medicine helps to prevent excessive brain signals and thus reduce spasticity.

Though medical marijuana is useful in reducing spasm of the muscles, it also helps in providing anti inflammatory effect in the injured area. There is also resulting reduction in the pain sensation. So, the person who is affected will quickly feel better and be able to return to normal routine life. It should be noted that only a small prescribed dose of medical marijuana should be consumed to get these beneficial effects.

Learn the use of medical marijuana in treatment of Post- Concussion Syndrome

Medical marijuana is very useful in the treatment of Post- Concussion Syndrome. Concussion is caused because of injury to the head. When the injury to the head causes an impact on the brain, it could lead to mild damage to the brain. When there is minimal damage to the brain, it is called as concussion. This is usually not as severe as a real head injury. Concussion could be a phase of blackout that could cause minimal amnesia. When a person suffers from concussion, some residual damage can occur. It is important that these residual damage and problems are prevented. Other than preventing further damage, the use of medical marijuana will also treat the Post- Concussion Syndrome.

There are several ways in which medical marijuana can help in treatment as well as prevention of Post- Concussion Syndrome, two of which are listed here.

1. Reduction in the inflammation: The first important aspect in the treatment of Post- Concussion Syndrome is the reduction in inflammation that is brought about by medical marijuana. The inflammation is a very common side effect that occurs due to brain injury. When the inflammation occurs, it can cause additional problems like compression of brain matter. This can lead to long term complications and problems including severe cognitive difficulties. It is important to prevent or at least treat the inflammation as early as possible. Use of medical marijuana helps in reducing the inflammation.
2. Healing of damaged and injured areas: The other important way in which cannabis helps in the treatment of Post- Concussion Syndrome is by enhancing the healing of the damaged and injured areas of the brain. When any injury occurs in the brain, it can cause additional scarring too. These scars can cause epileptic seizures. They need to be prevented at all costs. So, in order to prevent various complications brought on by the Post- Concussion Syndrome, it is important to use medical marijuana to treat the condition as early as possible.

Use of medical marijuana is indicated in the treatment of Post- Concussion Syndrome. Many research studies have been done already and there are more researches that are ongoing. One of the strongest voices that have been supporting the use of medical marijuana is a Harvard professor who has already done research on the role of cannabis on Post- Concussion Syndrome.
The results of this research have been published in one of the leading journals. This has helped more physicians and neurologists to find it ethical to use medical marijuana to treat their patients who are suffering from Post- Concussion Syndrome.